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Badger Watching
In sussex

About this session

Badgers are probably the UK’s most iconic and easily recognised mammals, yet, due to their shy and nocturnal habits, most people have either never seen a live badger or at best just get a glimpse in the headlights down a country lane.

David has enjoyed a long-term passion for badgers and is actively involved in badger research and conservation. He has guided hundreds of private and group tours, and guided and advised television crews, making documentaries and news features.


Up to 2 adults

Over 12 Years Old

Location: West Sussex.

Dates April – August on mutually agreeable Weekday evenings only

Start time: approx. 7pm – 10pm (varies according to season and badger behaviour)


Kit list


Warm soft clothing

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£245 for up to 2 people. Bookings from April – August
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Why go badger watching?

Badger watches with David have been described as ‘magical experience’ starting with a beautiful walk through enchanting ancient woodland, carpeted with woodland flowers. Foxes, deer, and owls are also common sightings as you wait for the badgers to emerge. Once they make their appearance, enjoy the show as the social group play, groom and feed in front of you, sometimes coming within 3 or 4 metres.

These badger watching events are spectacular experiences. However, they are sensitive animals and although sightings can never be guaranteed, having led hundreds of watches, the success rate has been 100% on all watches since 2007.

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