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Owl Watching
Safaris in Sussex

About the Safari

After many, many requests to run non-photographic owl watching events, David Plummer is pleased to announce that small private group owl watches are now available.

As with all wildlife though, nothing can be guaranteed, however currently statistics for these events are very, very good; one recent guided walk saw three Barn and two Short-Eared Owls for over an hour, and tawny owl is reliable. Please note encountering all species in one event is unlikely, due to the differing habitat requirements.

Now, also with the aid of advanced thermal imaging scopes, relayed to a screen, these owl events can go beyond lowering light levels

So, if you are desperate to watch a beautiful Barn Owl hunting at dusk, or see a Tawny Owl glide in and perch just a few metres in front of you, these are the events for you.


Groups of up to 2 people

Depending on time of year, the species which could be encountered include:

Barn Owls

Short-Eared Owls (Winter only)

Tawny Owls

Little Owls

Kit list

Warm clothing


Guided wildlife event to observe wildlife, this isn’t a photographic event.

This event can also be carried out solely from a vehicle to allow access

Dates by Mutual Arrangement
£245 for groups of 2
Enquire about availability
People Say

I spent a wonderful afternoon with David photographing Little Owls. An experience I would highly recommend. A very professional set up with great photos available if you take David’s advice and practice good hide etiquette. I am over the moon with my photos.

David Harris
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