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White stork photography
at the Knepp Estate, Sussex

About this session

Experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to photograph the first White Storks to live wild in the UK for several hundred years. These large majestic birds have recently been re-introduced into the pioneering Knepp Wildland Estate (Europe’s largest rewildling project) by the White Stork Project, their reintroduction has caused a great deal of excitement and you may have seen the storks featured in national news reports.

Members of the public normally join a long waiting list to tour Knepp and view the storks but you will enjoy exclusive hide access and private transportation to / from the hide which is located deep inside the estate.

Dates Available by mutual arrangement

Email to Arrange


Hide located West Sussex, Knepp Rewilding project

Maximum 2 people per hide

Session will last 3-4 hours

Pop-up hides used, to ensure optimal camera to subject distances with constantly varying water levels

Low water-level hides also available

Dates by mutual agreement


Kit list

Camera – lens of at least 300 mm (a longer zoom telephoto is the best choice)

Tripod (for stability & to reduce movement)

Sturdy foot wear: wellies or walking boots. 


What should I expect?

You will have around three hours to photograph the storks during which time members of the White Stork Project Team will arrive to provide supplementary feeding which will bring the storks down to land directly in front of the hides. If you practice good hide discipline, it is highly likely that you will be able to photograph relaxed behaviour with storks perching on trees, feeding and in flight

People Say

David helped me get to grips with how to use my camera properly. And then set me up in a hide to photograph a whole range of woodland birds. I have terrible eyesight and to be able to see these beautiful birds so close up was quite emotional and magical for me – I had no idea what I was missing on my doorstep!

Sarah Rothwell
Amateur photographer


Do I need to be an advanced photographer?

Some courses are specifically for beginners and other are more specialised for those with intermediate skills.

1 to 1 courses can be bespoke to cater for specific needs.

Most hides, do not require advanced skills, but this may depend on the shots you want.

Please note, hiring  a hide set-up does not include supervision.

What are the terms and conditions?

It is assumed that you have read and agree with these terms and conditions at time of booking. And that you understand that by booking a wildlife hide, you are fully aware that there are no guarantees with wildlife. Read our T&Cs in full.

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