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Wildlife hides for hire and wildlife photography in Sussex, UK

David Plummer Photographer hide hire in sussex

About hide hire

Although it is impossible to guarantee the perfect wildlife photo, David Plummer photographic wildlife hides come very close. David’s hides provide photographers with such an exceptional experience that the Sunday Times recently recommended his Kingfisher hides as one of its top 12 wildlife experiences.

There is nothing serendipitous about the perfect wildlife photo. Creating the optimum outdoor environment takes knowledge, skill, planning and year round hard work. David builds all his photographic hides himself to guarantee the best light, photogenic perches and clean even-toned backgrounds.

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David and his team then take time to get inside the fear circle of the target animal and maintain and bait hides all year round. The results speak for themselves and a visit to one of David’s hides is very rarely forgotten!

What’s the set up like and what can you expect?

Most hides are purpose-built and spacious enough to contain seating. Some hides are easily moved to provide variation throughout a session or provide the specific requirements of a photographer, such as a backlit kingfisher for example.

Upon booking, you will be given directions and instructions, an equipment list, tips on how to maximize your time in the hide and how to behave once your key subject arrives.

We’d advise reading the Hide Rental Terms & Conditions before you book.

What to expect ?

In the establishment and maintenance of all these wildlife hides, the attitude that the wildlife comes first is adopted throughout. Despite many years of experience in this area and an incredible track record of success rates in these hides, it must be remembered that this is wildlife and sometimes hides do not work. For this reason, David Plummer will never place anyone in a hide if it is believed there is a low chance of photographing a target species; your session will be re-scheduled.


What are the terms and conditions?

It is assumed that you have read and agree with these terms and conditions at time of booking. And that you understand that by booking a wildlife hide, you are fully aware that there are no guarantees with wildlife. Read our T&Cs in full.

Do I need to be an advanced photographer?

Some courses are specifically for beginners and other are more specialised for those with intermediate skills.

1 to 1 courses can be bespoke to cater for specific needs.

Most hides, do not require advanced skills, but this may depend on the shots you want.

Please note, hiring  a hide set-up does not include supervision.

What happens if I don’t see anything at the hide?

It is assumed, that by booking a wildlife hide, the customer is fully aware that there are no guarantees with wildlife. Occasionally with this sort of hide setup, for no predictable reason, the birds just stop coming in. This could be because in the case of kingfishers for example, the female bird is incubating and all of a sudden stops coming to her favourite perch. However, as soon as the eggs hatch you can normally rely on her coming many, many times.

David will never bring anyone to a hide, if it is thought they have little chance of getting a target species, therefore, in the event of the hide ceasing to work, your session will be rearranged to a mutually agreeable date. Hopefully this will not be for long. Please note, refunds will not be given under this circumstance as it could just be a temporary change in the bird’s behaviour which may soon resume.

People Say

David's sessions have really helped me with my photography skills. There is something truly magical about sitting with your camera, and David, photographing kingfishers in their natural habitat, and getting a shot of wildlife that you wouldn't normally get. I would highly recommend and look forward to more sessions.

Lizzie Sparkes
Amateur photographer
About your tutor

David Plummer

David Plummer is a wildlife expert, photographer and conservationist. His images are featured in leading wildlife publications, he advises internationally on eco-tourism and is a proactive conservationist within the UK. David combines his twin passions to deliver unique wildlife and photographic experiences in the UK and overseas.

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