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Woodland Birds

The Woodland Birds Hides are probably the most reliable and with the most varied species list.
Most of the common woodland species will arrive, Up to 6 great spotted woodpeckers visit, nuthatch, blue, great, coal, long-tailed, and marsh tits. Other birds present are goldfinch, yellowhammer, greenfinch. Of course, with so many birds present, there is always the chance of sparrowhawk!

One of the great achievements of this set up is the Eurasian Jay which is repeatedly perched in beautiful settings, and is a regular with wildlife documentary film companies. The recent David Attenborough documentary “The Joy of Song”, included scenes filmed from these hides.

This set-up uses pop-up hides to allow total re-adjustment for light and background.
Up to 2 photographers can use this very reliable hide set-up for the whole day.
Available week days October to March. Dates are by mutual agreement.

Set-up is in Small Dole, West Sussex

Up to 2 people either in separate, or shared hides

Dates are mutually agreeable

Hide Hire is for full day

Price is 125 per person


Long Lens of at least 300mm


People Say

David is a rare beast; an old-school naturalist with a way with animals, and people. If it lives and breathes anywhere near his local patch, he probably knows where it is and the best way to get you in front of it.

Chris Howard
Silverback Films