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Woodland Bird Hide Hire
& Photography

About this session

The woodland birds’ hides are again long-established hides, providing stunning shots of many of the UK’s iconic woodland species, including great spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, as well as rare species such as marsh tit. Other high volume species include 5 tit species, finches (including goldfinch), wren, robin, thrushes. One of the great achievements of this set up is the Eurasian Jay which is repeatedly perched in beautiful settings, and is a regular with wildlife documentary film companies.

The Woodland Birds Hides are probably the most reliable and with the most varied species list. Of course, with so many birds present, there is always the chance of sparrowhawk! The hides can also be moved to get a low-level viewpoint on the pond to get intimate drinking, bathing, and reflection shots.


Location: Small Dole, near Henfield, West Sussex

Hides allows total re-adjustment for light and background

Available October to March

Up to 2 photographers

Whole day hide use

Weekdays only

Dates are by mutual arrangement

Kit list (photography only)

Minimum 300mm lens


Dress warmly

Dates by Mutual Arrangement
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Eva March
Amateur photographer


What are the terms and conditions?

It is assumed that you have read and agree with these terms and conditions at time of booking. And that you understand that by booking a wildlife hide, you are fully aware that there are no guarantees with wildlife. Read our T&Cs in full.

Do I need to be an advanced photographer?

Some courses are specifically for beginners and other are more specialised for those with intermediate skills.

1 to 1 courses can be bespoke to cater for specific needs.

Most hides, do not require advanced skills, but this may depend on the shots you want.

Please note, hiring  a hide set-up does not include supervision.

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