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Guided wildlife photography safari tour Masai Mara, Africa

About this safari

The aim on this tour is to learn the art and skills of wildlife photography and to become fully proficient and confident with your camera. This is not a normal photographic safari offered by other travel companies involving merely driving to a photographic location and being left to your own devices. I must also stress that this tour is not for those who merely want to photograph a species and then move on and find the next subject. We shall be spending considerable time trying to obtain the best possible images and sometimes even returning to a location to do it all again!



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The is surely the best known and most beautiful of Kenya’s or indeed Africa’s reserves. It is one of the last places on the African continent where huge concentrations of game can be witnessed; vast herds of zebra, antelope and gazelles as well as giraffe and elephants. Of course, where the herds are there are sure to be predators; lions, cheetah, hyena and the elusive leopard. As cats go, the 2010 safari saw 72 lions, 9 cheetah, 2 leopard and 1 caracal.

Safari format

Each day starts before dawn so we are already on a game drive before the sun rises. We would normally have a picnic breakfast in a beautiful location and stay out until 11.30am. You can relax during the hottest part of the day before your second game drive until sundown.  Some days will involve staying out the whole day to explore even more remote areas of the Mara; these days can be tiring but can provide different experiences.

The Masai Mara tour is a 10-day (including 2 travel days) photographic safari staying only at two camps; as such no time is wasted travelling from camp to camp.  Photographic tuition is given in lesson form as well as hands-on tuition in the field.

This tour is pure wildlife from dawn to dusk! The Masai Mara tour is limited to just five places to guarantee close supervision.

You will need either a digital SLR or 35mm SLR camera. I recommend a lens of up to 400mm. One of the advantages of the Masai Mara is it is very bright and fortunately the lens does not need to be that fast (wide aperture), so a zoom lens is suitable. Advice will be given about equipment purchases before the trip.

Who this tour is for:

  • If you are eager to develop your skills in true wildlife photography
  • If you don’t mind getting up at 5am! (not every day though)
  • You are not obsessed with merely finding the rarest creatures; often the best learning experiences are to be had spending time with the more common and obliging species.

Who this tour is NOT for:

  • If you merely want to take just a couple of shots of one species and then move on to the next; this is most definitely not a STOP, PHOTOGRAPH and GO tour. This tour is about wildlife photography not about racking up species lists.
  • If you expect all features of the tour to be prepared and ready on the dot; this is Africa and as such there will always be a degree of ‘flexibility’ to be expected.
  • If you expect the wildlife to be in pre-arranged locations on cue; the very best efforts will be made to locate species, but sometimes they just don’t play the game and you may be disappointed.
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