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David Plummer & Hamza Yassin: Filming for Strictly Birds of Prey

Hamza Yassin: Strictly Birds of Prey, BBC

About Hamza’s Strictly Birds of Prey and visiting David Plummer to capture footage of a Tawny Owl

Like David, Hamza is an accomplished wildlife cameraman and has filmed all over the world as well as capturing memorable footage for the recent Wild Isles series for BBC One, which was where he and David first met.

Hamza is passionate about wildlife and especially birds of prey. In Silverback’s new film, Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey, Hamza travels around the UK tracking down and filming some of his favourite species and meeting a host of passionate wildlife enthusiast and professionals along the way. You can watch Hamza’s intimate experience with a wild Tawny Owl, in David’s own garden on iPlayer at 39:08.

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Filming wild Tawny Owls in their natural habitat

Tawny Owls (Strix aluco), our commonest owl, are often heard but very rarely seen, as they’re one of the most elusive British birds’ and very nocturnal.

David has previously filmed owls for BBC Wild Isles with Silverback Films, and now for BBC 1 – Hamza’s Strictly Birds of Prey.

If you’d like a similar experience with Tawny Owls as Hamza, why not book one of the following experiences:

Tawny owl hide for photography or filming

David has created several separate hide set-ups, for this species. So far these hides have a 100% success rate with photographers and camera crews. And, these are by far David’s favourite hides.

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Owl Safaris

If you are desperate to watch a beautiful Barn Owl hunting at dusk, or see a Tawny Owl glide in and perch just a few metres in front of you, these are the events for you.

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About the programme Hamza: Strictly Birds of Prey

Last year’s Strictly winner gets back to his wildlife camera operator day job for this sweet documentary about his other passion besides foxtrots and sambas – birds of prey across the UK. It starts as a love letter to the west coast of Scotland and the nature he is surrounded by in his adopted home. He then ventures around the nation to capture on film hen harriers, common buzzards, white-tailed eagles and peregrine falcons.

In Sussex, naturalist and wildlife photographer David Plummer has transformed his garden into a wildlife haven. As David’s health has deteriorated, he has found wonder and delight in this most familiar of spaces and worked hard to attract our next bird of prey – the tawny owl. Along with camerawoman Katie Mayhew, they witness the moment an owl swoops down and snatches prey from under Hamza’s nose.

Source: Silverback Films

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