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Expert Wildlife
Film consultancy

David Plummer International Wildlife Photographer

Why hire a wildlife film consultant?

David is regularly hired as a guide by leading wildlife film-makers. His in-depth understanding of wildlife behaviour, access to exceptional wildlife rich habitats, combined with an eye for light and angles, ensures that even the most experienced film crews achieve sensational footage while dramatically reducing time and money spent on location.

Experienced wildlife film guide

David’s wildlife knowledge, skills and field-craft are so highly respected, they are regularly sought by the world’s leading wildlife film and documentary makers including Silverback Films, BBC One – Wild Isles, BBC Natural History Unit, Oxford Scientific Films to name a few.


People Say

David is a rare beast; an old-school naturalist with a way with animals, and people. If it lives and breathes anywhere near his local patch, he probably knows where it is and the best way to get you in front of it.

Chris Howard
Silverback Films

David’s extensive client list includes:

  • BBC Breakfast
  • BBC Natural History Unit
  • BBC One Show
  • BBC Spring Watch
  • BBC Wild Isles
  • Oxford Scientific Films
  • Passion Pictures
  • Netflix
  • Silverback Films

Wildlife consultancy and camera operator

David regularly acts as a consultant and camera operator for documentary and film-makers and has most recently work on the hit series BBC One – Wild Isles.

David is an authentic naturalist and believes in minimal / to no invasive behaviour should be used towards the flora or funa he may be filming. David’s exceptional understanding of wildlife behaviour and unique access to wildlife rich habitats ensures that even the most experienced film crews achieve award-winning footage, all the while reducing time and money spent on location.

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