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Wildlife Film and Photography
Locations & Subjects

David Plummer International Wildlife Photographer

Locations & Subjects

Since early 2015 David has been a resident photographer on the Knepp re-wilding project in West Sussex. Here, on the largest lowland re-Wilding project in Europe, David runs photographic and wildlife safaris and manages hides where photographers take stunning close up images of owls, kingfishers, birds of prey and the newly re-introduced White Storks. He regularly guides and acts as a wildlife consultant on for TV and film companies.

His client list includes:

  • BBC Breakfast
  • BBC Natural History Unit
  • BBC One Show
  • BBC Spring Watch
  • BBC Wild Isles
  • Oxford Scientific Films
  • Passion Pictures
  • Netflix
  • Silverback Films

He is often employed as consultant many of the largest budget natural history documentaries and films. Some of these cannot be named at this stage as they are still in production and subject to Non Disclosure Agreement.

Wildlife guide and consultancy

David regularly acts as a guide, consultant and photographer for documentary and film-makers visiting the Knepp Rewilding Project.  He has most recently assisted in the reintroduction of beavers on the estate and been commissioned to film White Storks for BBC Springwatch and Little Owls for TV2 Denmark and the hit series BBC One – Wild Isles.

His in-depth understanding of wildlife behaviour and access to exceptional wildlife rich habitats ensures that even the most experienced film crews achieve sensational footage whilst reducing shoot time and money spent on location – if necessary.

UK Wildlife filming location

David only works with wild animals and has a huge amount of experience in steering their behaviour to allow for easier filming opportunities. Please contact David for a current list of species. David has access to hides all over in Sussex specifically set up for filming and photography. He can also work to wish lists.

People Say

Not only is he a genius photographer, he is an inspiration for everyone who hears his story and sees his incredible wildlife photography. He is obviously very passionate about his work and a great collaborator. Working with David is a blast!

Felix Julian Koch
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