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Wildlife Photographer

David Plummer photographer in camouflage

Experienced wildlife photographer

David Plummer is a passionate, experienced and respected wildlife photographer. Wildlife and photography have always been David’s two great loves and his earliest memory is of studying woodlice aged just two. At eight he bought his first second-hand SLR camera. It is this lifelong interest that has made David the expert that he is today.

David combines his twin passions to deliver unique wildlife and photographic images which are regularly featured in leading wildlife publications, newspapers and magazines and at photographic exhibitions.

Taking the perfect image is a great quest. The buzz that I get when I achieve it is the culmination of a lot of hard work and problem solving to get inside the fear circle of that animal: there is nothing serendipitous about the perfect wildlife photo. And everything in the image is important to me: the animal, the perch, the background, the lighting. But it’s never over: we can always get different shots, different behaviours.

David is a wildlife photographer who only takes pictures of wild animals in their natural habitat. His extensive knowledge of the animals and their environment is the first essential ingredient behind his breath-taking images. The second vital element is research and David studies relentlessly to get under the skin of a new subject before heading into the field. The third is endless patience, its not unusual for David to wait for hours submerged in a floating hide or hidden in a bush in full camouflage to get the perfect shot.

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David Plummer

Meet David Plummer, a celebrated, award-winning wildlife expert. He’s a photographer, film-maker, and naturalist, his captivating shots and footage grace renowned wildlife publications and documentaries. David advises on rewilding and champions UK conservation.

Join him to explore rewilding and conservation in his uniquely blended wildlife, rewilding, film-making and photography courses.

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