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Conservationist, Rewilding
& Wildlife Consultant

David Plummer photographer in camouflage

UK rewilding expertise and conservation

David is a passionate conservationist. He advises on rewilding projects internationally but is equally passionate about conservation in the UK and works closely with UK conservation groups including the Sussex Wildlife Trust where is he a trustee.

Conservation should always start at home and David has turned his own modest garden from a typical British lawned and fenced garden to a haven for wildlife. To raise money for charity he has opened the garden each year under the National Garden Scheme. It averages around 350 visitors.

About The Knepp Rewilding Project

Since early 2015 David has been a resident photographer on the Knepp Rewilding project in West Sussex. Here, on the largest lowland rewilding project in Europe, David runs photographic and wildlife safaris and manages hides where photographers take stunning close up images of owls, kingfishers, birds of prey and the newly re-introduced White Storks.

David regularly acts as a guide, consultant and photographer for documentary and film-makers visiting Knepp.  He has most recently assisted in the reintroduction of beavers on the estate and been commissioned to film White Storks for 2 films for BBC Springwatch in 2018 and Little Owls for TV2 Denmark, and currently as consultant on a documentary about the Rewilding Project.

Creating a new Wildlife Corridor in West Sussex

Housing developments, roads, intensive farming and urban sprawl have made it harder for wildlife to move around freely. These human-made barriers especially impact predators who roam long distances in search of prey. Other large mammals find themselves separated from their habitats or migration routes, he strongly feels that the existence of ‘reserves’ are merely islands in a sea of human intensification, and valued only for their worth to public recreation. This is an abomination and part of  the solution, David feels, is to create habitat on a landscape scale and improve connectivity, where wildlife can safely move from place to place, and species expand their natural range, without human interference. Wildlife corridors are now being established all around the World and are helping entire ecosystems to expand and thrive despite close proximity to humans.

In 2020 David had a vision to create a new wildlife corridor close to his home in West Sussex. Due to David’s determination, vision, drive and pioneering spirit is slowly becoming closer to reality.

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David Plummer

Meet David Plummer, a celebrated, award-winning wildlife expert. He’s a photographer, film-maker, and naturalist, his captivating shots and footage grace renowned wildlife publications and documentaries. David advises on rewilding and champions UK conservation.

Join him to explore rewilding and conservation in his uniquely blended wildlife, rewilding, film-making and photography courses.